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Your Ticket to European Travel!

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to live in a 14th century castle somewhere in Europe? Have you ever dreamed about waking-up in Switzerland and seeing the Majestic Matterhorn right outside of your bedroom window? Have you ever wondered how Stonehenge was made? Then stop wondering and come to Europe and find out!

Since 2000, hundreds of people, just like you, have traveled with me to major cities throughout Europe, and at a lot less than what the experts are charging! We've seen those castles, we've walked on those cobbeled stone streets. You can too!

For those of you that don't know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Baker. In 1978 I travelled to Europe for the very first time. I instantly fell in love with it. Not only did I want to go back each and every year, but I wanted to share it with others as well. I wanted everyone to experience those sites and sounds that I experienced.

It wasn't until 22 years later that I decided to finally do something about it! I told a few people that I was going to put a group trip together for those that wanted to go to Europe. Some said I was crazy. Others said I would be lucky if I could find 20 people that wanted to travel to Europe. 65 people went that year! And the numbers keep climbing.

The cost of each trip includes: 1. Round trip air from LAX to our destination. 2. Hotel stay with a full breakfast. 3. Airport transfers to and from the hotel. 4. Taxes and Services Charges. 5. And finally, public transportation in the city we stay in for the entire time of our stay and Hotel Porter Fees,  unless otherwise noted.

We go as a group, stay in the same hotel as a group, but have the freedom to come and go as individuals. Interested? Check out our Itinerary!

For more information on European travel, call me at 714-414-2102 or email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Hope to see your dreams come true!

Michael Baker


Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy!


Matterhorn, Switzerland


Tyrol, Austria


Stonehenge, England


Trafalgar Square, London, England